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When you are accused of a crime, you need to know you are in capable hands. Your lawyer should be experienced, trustworthy and honest about what you are facing. When you need professional defenders on your side, the criminal lawyers at Calgary's Fay Snukal & Associates are here for you.

Experienced Lawyers ♦ Strong Defence

At our firm, we know that each client has a unique history and unique set of circumstances. We know the law. We are experienced with the criminal justice system and our insight helps us to get you the best possible outcome.

Experience ♦ Information ♦ Dedication

Fay Snukal & Associates is a team of experienced Alberta lawyers. We know how the other side works. We know the arguments that will likely be made against you and what it takes to convict you. We use this knowledge to give you the best possible defence.

When you are concerned about what awaits you following a criminal charge, we give you the information you need to understand your situation and feel confident in our representation. We will review and explain all the possible consequences and outcomes you could be facing.

Assault, Drug And Sex Crimes Defence Attorneys: Serving Calgary And Surrounding Areas.

Your first meeting with us is free; you risk nothing by getting in touch. To learn how we can defend you against criminal charges such as drug charges, impaired driving and violent crimes, contact us online or call the office at 403-879-1882 in Calgary or 800-247-8783 toll free.