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What are the penalties of some drug convictions?

Being found in possession of drugs can lead to criminal charges. Those charges have some very serious penalties associated with them. If you are convicted, you can face incarceration, fines and other penalties. The actual penalties in each case depend on several factors, including the quantity of the drug found, the type of drug and how the Crown decides to handle the case.

What is the penalty for possession of drugs other than marijuana?

Fight sex-related accusations placed against you

In our previous post, we discussed some of the factors that affect whether the Crown will offer a plea bargain to a defendant or not. In sexual assault cases, as well as other sexual offences, there might not be a plea bargain possible because of the nature of the accusations. We know that facing a lengthy prison sentence isn't something that most people want to do.

It is important for anyone who is facing criminal charges for a sexual offense to understand the charge they are facing. Many people don't realise that a sexual assault charge is possible in Canada for simply touching another person in a sexual manner when that contact isn't wanted by the other person. Attacks of a sexual nature can also result in criminal charges. Anyone who is convicted of a sex-related criminal charge is subject to penalties, such as incarceration, registration on the sex offender registry and fines.

Does the Crown offer plea bargains in criminal cases?

The term plea bargain is one that can conjure up many thoughts in the mind of a Canadian. For some, a plea bargain is thought to help people who committed crimes bypass the punishment they deserve. For others, a plea bargain is nothing more than a way to guarantee the outcome of the case. No matter which side of the fence you are on, learning about plea bargains might help you to better understand their purpose.

Do Crown prosecutors ever offer plea bargains in criminal cases?

Take an active part in your criminal defence

Facing criminal charges of any type in Alberta means that you need to get to work on a defence strategy. While some people might think that there is such a thing as a minor criminal charge, all criminal charges can greatly affect your future. Simply having a criminal conviction on your record can close many doors that can benefit you. We know that you might be frightened about the penalties you are facing in your case. We can help you learn the options that you have for your defence.

When we work with you in your criminal defence case, we need to know your side of the story. Some of the first things that we will do when we meet with you are listen to what happened, ask you any questions we have and review the evidence of your case. That gives us a starting point for determining what options for a defence are suitable for your case.

Man faces criminal charge for handguns hidden at a university

A former student at the University of Calgary has been arrested in connection with two handguns that were found in a false ceiling in the Earth Sciences building. Electrical contractors found the .45 calibre guns, which were unloaded, on Aug. 27. That led to a 7-week investigation into the incident.

The investigation found that the guns weren't put there as part of a plan to facilitate a school shooting. Instead, it was determined that the 24-year-old former student placed them there as part of a drug-trafficking operation.

What are the sanctions for drunk driving in Alberta?

People who are convicted of drunk driving in Alberta have some very serious sanctions to face. In some cases, the effects of being accused of drunk driving start at the time of the arrest. It is necessary for anyone who is facing drunk driving charges in Alberta to understand his or her rights and responsibilities immediately because some aspects of these charges are time sensitive.

Are there any sanctions for new drivers who are under .08 percent for blood-alcohol concentration?

Buying stolen goods, even without knowledge, can lead to charges

Many people search for good deals when they are looking to purchase big ticket items. If you are looking into buying anything of value, you must do your due diligence to ensure that the goods you are purchasing aren't stolen. If the item that you purchase was actually stolen, you might end up facing criminal charges for purchasing the item.

Section 354 of the Criminal Code specifically forbids people from purchasing stolen property. According to this section, stolen property includes items that are stolen in Canada or from anywhere else if the act by which the item was taken would have led to an indictment in Canada.

You need information when you fight sexual assault charges

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the types of sexual assault and the penalties of those different types. For people who are being accused of sexual assault, the type of sexual assault they are being accused of can have a big impact on the outcome of their case. We understand that you are worried about the charges being placed against you by the Crown.

Even though you might feel like you are alone when you face sexual assault charges, you aren't. Sexual assault is much more common than some people might realise. In fact, 39 per cent of Canadian women experienced at least one incident of sexual assault since they turned 16 years old. Sexual assault isn't something that is only done by men to women. It is also possible for a woman to be the aggressor, and it is possible for a man to be the accuser.

What are the types of sexual assault and the penalties?

Sexual assault is a crime that is taken very seriously in Alberta. Despite the fact that the crime is taken seriously, only around 6 per cent of sexual assaults are reported to the authorities. For people who are facing sexual assault charges, understanding some basic points about the crime is vital since this information allows you to make an informed decision about your case.

Are there different types of sexual assaults?

The coroner plays an important role in murder cases

There are several aspects that a person who is facing a criminal charge for murder has to consider. One of these aspects is the report of the coroner. The coroner plays a very important role in murder investigations. The information that the coroner provides shouldn't be ignored by the defence team.

A coroner is the person who tries to determine how a person died. The coroner looks into several things when trying to determine what happened. All of the information the coroner gathers helps him or her to determine if a person died of natural causes, of suicide or of other means.